32 Ford Deuce Hot rod ,48x32 inches
Its A Longhorn Way to Tucumcari
Volkswagen Van
The Leaders
Janis Joplin
Steam Cathedral
Stealth Fighter
1937 Lincoln Zephyr 48x32 in. acrylic on canvas
1945 CTA Streetcar
1934 Cord Roadster 27x20 in. watercolor copy 2
1934 Auburn Roadster acrylic on canvas, 48x32 in
1937 DeSoto copy 2
1952 Pontiac
P38 Mustang
1953 Studebaker
Crown Fountanin Michigan near Adams
Tony Abboreno_Chicago Police Harley Three Wheeler41x41in_$3200
Tony Abboreno_Steam Locomotives Uniion Illinois_48x41in_acrylic on canvas_$4800
Tony Abboreno_Prince_18x24in_glicee print_$450
Tony Abboreno_Redheads_30x30in_acrylic on canvas_$1600 _3
Tony Abboreno_Joplin Twister_48x24in_acrylic on canvas_$2000
Tony Abboreno_Forest Fire_48X24in_acrylic on canvas_$2000
Tony Abboreno_Green Peterbilt_32x32in_acrylic on canvas_$1600
Tony Abboreno_Sam Cooke_20x40in_acrylic on canvas_$1600
Tony Abboreno_57 Oldsmobile 88 Convertible_40x24in_acrylic on canvas_$1600
Tony Abboreno_38 DeSoto_30x30in_acrylic on canvas_$1600
Tony Abboreno_Cobain's Eyes_41x24 in_acrylic on canvas_$2000
Tony Abboreno
Tony Abboreno_Karen Carpenter_30x24in_acrylic on canvas_$1600  copy
Tony Abboreno_Bowie glicee framed print_$450
Tony Abboreno_Cobain_18x26in_acrylic on canvas_$1600